IGNITE METHOD – The more affordable way to Ignite!

The Ignite Program delivers results. We have so many success stories to share. Most of our clients are managing booming businesses. Many have doubled or tripled their revenue. The Ignite Program is a great means to achieving your goals. But it’s not for everyone and not for every budget. So we created Ignite Method, the smaller, but not so little brother to the Ignite Program. Ignite Method is an online, self-paced, instructional system for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners who wish to grow (ignite) their business.

Here’s how it works:

We deliver 6 Live Ignite Method Modules over a period of approximately 6-12 weeks. They last about 90 minutes, depending on the flow and the energy and the content. There might be a few surprises, a few laughs and you might start sleeping less. We cover so much and attendance is expected, but not mandatory. We know you have jobs and families. So, if you miss a Module, you can watch it in the recorded library, anytime and as often as you wish.

The topics are specific and focused on achieving your goals. Simply put, we want to help you find more and better clients and make more money. We take you step by step through how to build your brand, how to market yourself, how to master your elevator pitch, closing sales, and even managing your prospect and client workflow. Of course, we’re only touching on a few of the topics here. There’s so much more. Plus, you can engage with us, ask questions during a live Module. For those of you in our Live program, you also get access to our 24/7 Ignite Forums. If you are in Live Ongoing, you get a dedicated, private Slack Channel with direct access to us and you can watch any Live Module, as they cycle, for up to 365 days.

What’s a Cycle? 

We deliver 6 Live Ignite Method Modules over a period of 6-12 weeks. After, we start again and do a new set of 6 Live Ignite Method Modules. The topics are generally the same, but you never know what might happen, change or improve. With Live Ongoing, you stay Ignited all year long.

When Can I Start?

The Cycles are ongoing, so you can start anytime. We start at the beginning with Module 1 – Who Are You? But you don’t have to. As we progress through the remaining Modules, we will start a new Cycle. So if you start on Module 3, you can watch Modules 4, 5 and 6 and then watch the next Modules 1 and 2. It really makes no difference if you start at the beginning, the middle or the end.


There are six core learning workshop modules, spread out over a 6-12 week period and then repeat, ongoing. Each workshop module will be presented live and recorded for future, unlimited, anytime viewing.

Module 1 – Who Are You?
Module 2 –  Taking the Leap
Module 3 – The Ignite Marketing Plan
Module 4 – Marketing Spaghetti
Module 5 – Selling and Closing
Module 6 – Managing Prospects and Client Workflow

Who is the program for?

Master the skills needed to build your dream business.

  • Startups who need a kickstart and guidance
  • Established Pros who need to take the next leap
  • Experienced Pros who need a restart
  • Anyone who wants to grow, take problems, conquer fears
  • Get the prices you are worth for your services
  • Clarify your goals and vision
  • Learn proven marketing strategies
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Create a powerful brand story
  • Focus and prioritize your time
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the industry
  • Stop being afraid to put yourself out there
  • Optimize conversions

Everything is Online

The entire program is online so you can participate from anywhere. All course materials are available within our member portal. You can also ask questions and get feedback from your fellow Igniters and our staff by using the online forums.

Growing a profitable business you love requires vision, action and the ability to execute the right strategies. Without a roadmap the process can feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall. The Ignite Method can fast-track your growth and save you years of costly trial and error.

This program is intensive and challenging.

The formula has been proven over and over, it’s the roadmap to a fast start for building a successful business. This method is about creating a business (or building an existing business) and generating profits right out of the gate. A business with low overhead, low start-up costs, and minimal or no staff. A business that is highly profitable and gives you great flexibility in your life.

Timing of the Program

There are six core modules of the Ignite Method, these are delivered in a LIVE webinar format once a week. Each module will be 60-90 minutes of instruction and may include handouts to help you apply what you have learned to your business. The modules will usually be recorded and posted in the member portal so you can go back anytime to review material we have covered.

After the program concludes, you will have 365 days of access to all recorded content and materials. You will continue your journey by communicating with us through the Ignite Method Forums on the Ignite Method site. During the 365 day period, you may access and view this content and forums at anytime and as often as you wish.

Learn at your own pace

You will have unlimited access to this training so you can go through the materials as they are released each week or you can work on your own schedule. You can revisit the training materials anytime.

How much time will you need?

We highly recommend attending the live module each week which will require up to two hours. In addition you should anticipate spending every free moment building your career. Once you’re ignited, there’s no telling what might happen next. The more work you put in, the more you will gain. Building a successful business is what matters most and having some experienced direction will help you achieve your goals.

Guidance and Support

If you get overwhelmed and feel like you are in over your head, we are here to help. We have designed the Forums to be an information hub for this course. Once you join the program, you will have guidance from our team and support from other Igniters in an encouraging environment.


Enroll in the Ignite Method to Ignite your business and life!